Let me be Freak ,
WWWUNDERKAMMER, Interview by Filippo Lorenzin
In a Deep, Dark Forest they Were Braiding the Beards of Parrots in Love, Solo Show, Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki, Alaca Imaret, Reportage by Diogenis Mariolas, TV 1OO, Thessaloniki, Greece
Interview by the Xinhua News Agency  2017-3-23 (English)
Josie, The Armor and the Hairman,
Solo Show, CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery, Athens Art Walk, February 2017
Athens voice/ Marina Athanassiadou meets Marianna Ignataki2013-4-08 (Greek)
Thessalonikeon polis/ Θεσσαλονικέων πόλις magazine cover,
Sept 2012 (Greek) 
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Athens voice magazine cover, issue 395, 2012-06-07 (Greek)
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VISION magazine, China, issue 107, 2011-05 (Chinese)
modern weekly- City Life magazine, China, issue 645, 2011-04-30 (Chinese)
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TA NEA newspaper, Greece, 2009-07-04 (Greek)
Makedonia newspaper, Greece, 2009-06-21 (Greek)
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Epiloges Makedonia magazine, Greece, issue 507, 2005-11-06 (Greek)