‘Neoerotica Boudoir Street Stories’ group exhibition catalog extract, 2008, written by Sotirios Bahtsetzis and Areti Leopoulou.

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‘Neoerotica Boudoir Street Stories’

Group exhibition catalog extract, 2008, written by Sotirios Bahtsetzis and Areti Leopoulou.
Exhibition curated by Eleni Garoufalia, Art historian and Curator


Marianna Ignataki’ s eroticism is interwoven with a form of deliberate brutality, the unpredictable replacement of desire with aggression. The participants enter into a process of complicity, reacting to the absurdity of subtlety and its unbearable luxury.

Aggression is another way of redefining a narcissism without limits, which presupposes an extreme outbreak of the Self.
It is about a furor, a distorted manifestation of satisfaction.

And perhaps, isn’t this exactly the pleasure/ jouissance, an electrifying synesthesia, proud and independent, which gestates in the body and rebels against eurhythmia?
Could be our self, in the end, the most significant rival towards the object of our passion?
Because, who admires it more than our selves, so as to be considered as a competent competitor?

Bickering women express a perverted hedonism, in the sense of drawing satisfaction from their physical quarrel, without sensing fear or the threat of death.
The exchange of physical violence is a continuously renewable game of imposition.
Self –fed from its own flesh, it gasps to imprint on the intact skin of the object, the sign of giddiness. The conflict aims to the consolidation of domination, through an aberrant tenderness of consumption of the Other.

The game ends with the domination of the one, the conquest of the latter;
With the one who will manage to seal the body with a fatal narcissistic blow.

Marianna’s women are angels with revolvers. They constitute bodies open to contamination through the re-alignment of the mechanisms of desire.
Or otherwise they stand for a mystical subjectivity in games/performances of mild carnivalistic substitution.


‘Pleasure cannot function under a plan. You can’t have joy without letting go. As much as you force something to happen, either it will happen confirmatively and often conclusively, or it will not happen at all, it will be extinguished’.


Exhibition curated by Eleni Garoufalia, art historian, curator, PHD candidate in the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts in Cyprus University of Technology.