On the crystal lake written by Meng Jin, March 2011 (English/ Chinese)

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On the crystal lake

Marianna Ignataki’s drawings create an eccentric, mysterious atmosphere, flirting with the gothic aesthetics and combining themes such as life and death, love and passion.

Obsessed with a peculiar black surrealism, her magnificent and glamorous creatures oddly emerge in absurd scenes, beautiful and yet cold and bizarre.

Fragmented body parts and masks, objects and accessories, all equally put down on a piece of white paper. Souls are stripped off their purpose; objects are uncategorized, hanging from the sky while waiting for the im- minent experiences, coincidences, rendezvous, adventures.

These are scattered pretenses which the artist contests, combines, ex- changes and then metamorphoses.

It is a ‘collage’ similar to the puzzle of life.

Some of Marianna’s works depict the dichotomy of a body or the union of two bodies in one, illustrating two creatures that alternate roles. They complement each other, clash each other, but at the same time, they al- ways keep a distance between them.

This kind or eroticism is often depicted in the works of Chinese female artists and can be traced in a veiled form in comics for girls and manga characters.

Marianna’s passion for calligraphy, together with her delicate but time consuming color-pencil drawing technique, produce a strong, fluent energy. Her aesthetics and interpretation of details have a strong reference in fashion, photography, erotic illustrations, and textile design, which result in continuous and endless illusions.


Meng Jin,  Curator – Artist, March 2011 


Marianna Ignataki的绘画充满着离奇神秘的氛围, 杂糅着特有的哥特情调又混合着生死爱恨的主题。

Marianna Ignataki尤其醉心于黑色超现实主义。在她的作品中, 绚丽迷人的产物常异乎寻常的出现在荒谬的场景里。美丽、冰冷而又奇 特。支离破碎的身体、残缺不全的面具、不完整的物品和小饰物都被并行的放置在白纸上面。被剥离意义的灵魂, 没有归类的杂物都被悬挂 在天空, 等待着即将到来的经历、巧合、交会和冒险。


Marianna的一些作品运用二分法, 描绘了一个身体或两个物体共存一体的画面,阐述了两者之间相互替换的角色。他们相互补充又充满矛 盾,与此同时,他们之间一直保持距离。


Marianna精细而耗时的彩铅绘画技术和她对书法的狂热混合在一起, 产生强烈的流畅的能量感。在时尚、摄影和异国风、纺织设计的广泛 深入涉猎使得她的作品充满连续不止的幻觉意象。这一切都在她对细节的审美和解读上所体现出来。

孟瑾 策展人, 艺术家 2011,3月