‘Reverse the Perspective’ group show, Xiangsi Art Museum, Tianjin, China

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Group exhibition ‘Reverse the Perspective: An Exhibition of Foreign Artists in China’ opening on Sunday, September 13, 3pm at Xiangsi Art Museum in Tianjin

The Ghost, 2014, 57x41cm, watercolor, pencil on paper smThe Ghost
2014, 57x41cm, watercolor and pencil on paper

opens at Xiangsi Art Museum, Tianjin


OPENING / 开幕时间:2015.9.13 (周日 / Sunday),  3 p.m.
PRODUCERS  / 出品人:Li Yunfei, Joyce Xu / 李云飞, 徐娟
CURATOR  / 策展人:Tang Zehui / 唐泽慧
ARTISTS  / 参展艺术家:
Marcella Campa and Stefano Avesani, Celyn Bricker, Niko de La Faye, Garcia Frankowski, Marianna Ignataki, Céline Lamée, Sandra Eula Lee, Michel Madore, Arnd Christian Mueller, Marie Julie Peters, Alessandro Rolandi, Nicole Condon Shih, NICOLE+QI, Laurens Tan, Iida Yuko.

VENUE / 展览地点:
XIANGSI ART MUSEUM,No. 158 intersection of Sima street and Yuanwei street, Hebei District, Tianjin

MEBOSPACE is pleased to announce that “Reverse the Perspective: An Exhibition of Foreign Artists in China” will be touring to Xiangsi Art Museum in Tianjin city starting from September 13, 2015.

The exhibition of “Reverse the Perspective” held in MEBOSPACE Beijing in the past summer is considered the first collective appearance of the international artists who live and work in China, which has acquired much attention from both the art circle and the media. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to bring this exhibition to Tianjin. This tour is not just a simple parallel transport of exhibition, but a demonstration of the new development of an ever-growing project.

In this Tianjin tour, the participating artists and works nearly doubled. Fifteen artists and artist groups from over ten countries, including Italy, France, the US, the Netherlands, Greece and Japan, will bring video, sculpture, installation, painting and performance artworks and art projects of social intervention.

As mentioned above, our intention of organizing this exhibition is to look at the art production and art practice happening in contemporary China with a broader and more inclusive cultural vision. During the past decades, artists have been moving around the world more and more frequently. One tendency that is impossible to ignore is that more and more international artists choose Chinese cities as their place of residency and start active art practices here. This has been a new phenomenon in the history of art and culture in China since the 20th Century. The meaning it contains is worthy of our consideration and discussion.

We are used to discussing the context of non-Western artists entering Western societies, but what we face now is a reverse situation. If we compare these foreign artists who came to China with Chinese artists who left for the West in late last century, we can see the obvious difference of attitude. The barrier caused by the differences between cultures and languages still exists, but the strategic use of “cultural identity” is rarely seen. The collision of different contexts might still be a subject to explore; nevertheless, it is no longer the focus. Observing these artists’ works, we will be surprised by their in-depth understanding of the texture of Chinese society, far from “Marco Polo”-styled superficial glamour and novelty-hunting. It is hard to describe their works by using one unified style or tendency. Neither is there a simple mode to follow. They are the observers of Chinese society, as well as actors and thinkers. Just as what we will see in this exhibition, there are radical social interventions, as well as calm self-examination, guerrilla-styled street creation, as well as exploration in the studio. They develop their own practice in different dimensions: public or private, intelligent or poetic.

The Exhibition is on view until November 15, 2015.







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