‘Superfold’ group show, Intelligentsia gallery, Beijing, China

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superfold flyer intelligentsia gallery

Intelligentsia Gallery is delighted to present Superfold: Connective Multiplicities or Coiling Ad Infinitum, a group exhibition with works by Meng Zhigang (b. 1975 Guilin, China), Ren Zhitian (b.1968 Xishui, China), Ophelia S. Chan(b. 1985 Hong Kong, China), Vega Zaishi Wang (b. 1985 Liaoning, China), and Marianna Ignataki (b. 1977 Thessaloniki, Greece).

Based on its operative function and characteristics, the fold with its twists and turns, coils and bends has the capacity to connect on a single surface diversified multiplicities. Either metaphysical or material, in the form of a textile labyrinth or as the endless virtual projection of images, the fold can outline topographical maps of rhizomatic relations as connective tissue of history and visual information. The artwork and the work of art act as codifiers and decoders of processes that are then revealed as territorial connections of multiplicities and episodes, as extensions of surfaces and meaning.

Curated by Garcia Frankowski under a structural framework built by Gilles Deleuze, Superfold explores surface extension in all directions: the folding cloth over the furniture, the bottom layer of naked skin potentially covered by opaque sensuous clothes that reveal by disguising, the washed out covers of glamour images diluted into new forms of visual paraphernalia, images projecting from space into a cache of collective assemblages of enunciation, hanging material folds of the stored sublime path of performative history.

By means of painting, collage, mix-media, fashion and video installations the exhibition aims to create a flexible, elastic body, able to bring all the multiplicities ( historical, theoretical, functional, aesthetic, philological) into a cohesive surface unveiling the connective continuality of the artwork as Superfold and its capacity to coil ad infinitum.

智先画廊乐意呈现超折叠:连接的多重性和盘旋的无限性。参与群展的艺术家包括,蒙志刚(1975,桂林,中国),任芷田 (1968,习水,中国),陳秀煒(1985,香港),王在实( 1985 辽宁省,中国), 和 Marianna Ignataki (1977 塞萨洛尼基,希腊)。


Garcia Frankowski策展,基于Gilles Deleuze建立的结构框架,超折叠探索了表面在各方面延展的可能:家具上折叠的布,底层裸露的皮肤在揭开的不透明性感衣物之下半遮半掩,魅惑的图片被洗刷去表层之后成为新形式的视觉品,图像从空间中被投射到一组隐藏的组合装置中再被传达出来,悬挂材料的褶皱储存着过去行为的极端痕迹。


Opening: November 29, 4pm – 8pm
Exhibition date: November 29, 2014 – January 10, 2015

Open by appointment

Address: Dong Wang Hutong #11, Dong Cheng District, Beijing
Address in Chinese: 东旺胡同11昊北京
Tel: +86 183 1075 4745
Email: intelligentsia.gallery@gmail.com
Website: www.intelligentsiagallery.com